Green & Blue Inspire Legacy to Create a Hopeful Future for Wildlife

“Green and Blue make sustainable, responsible products for nature that are also beautiful – why wouldn’t we use them in our developments?”

These are the words of Neil Simpkin, Legacy’s Head of Sales & Marketing.

Building beautiful homes in such idyllic locations means Legacy has a huge responsibility to do things right and they are taking this seriously with the thoughtful attention to detail that they provide to their future homeowners.

Our aim is to deliver the highest standards in everything we do

Neil explained that Legacy Properties considers natural garden landscaping, the local environment and community, local trade partners as well as the wishes and dreams of their customers. And by making environmentally friendly choices Legacy Properties are building homes to be proud of.


“We recognise as a premium house builder we are never going to be the greenest company, but there are choices we can make to improve what we can, and we are determined to make those choices.”

Putting words into action

Working with high-quality Cornish partners is top of the list for Legacy, and Green & Blue are perfect providers of a range of products that help new build houses make a space for nature.

All Legacy homes have a mix of bat blocks, swift blocks and Bee Bricks added at the design stage, plus insect hotels cleverly integrated into the outside landscaping. At the `Woodlands’ development near the River Gannel Estuary features Green & Blue birdbaths, a beautiful and stylish complement to the sloping gardens that encourage and support all sorts of wildlife, not just birds.

“Our homes are very much design-led, and this is another reason why we will continue to choose Green & Blue. As well as making a vital environmental difference their products are high quality and look beautiful.”

Neil stressed the importance of building strong relationships with local trades to create homes that are part of the community. Legacy works with a local lighting company, interior designers and landscape gardeners as well as Green & Blue and are under-going an audit to make sure their supply chain is as sustainable as possible. Fsc sourced timber, insulation made from recycled materials, air source heating, PV panels are all steps they are taking to reduce their environmental impact.

“At Legacy Properties, we don’t just care about bricks and mortar, but what we are building and for who”

Neil believes that Legacy Homes and Green & Blue are a great fit. Both are Cornish businesses with big plans and bright futures, they share the same values of high standards and fantastic customer service



“Green & Blue is a great example of why we will always choose to work with local businesses. Their service is friendly, responsive and flexible – they take time to work with us to find products that are just what we need”

Exciting plans for the future

Future developments will continue Legacy’s journey to provide homeowners with more than just a house.

Legacy’s journey has helped them to realise that environmentally friendly choices are the highest quality options that their customers expect and make good business and environmental sense.

it is this attention to detail that makes Legacy stand out.

“Building someone’s home is the ultimate product. Our customers want homes that ‘wow’ them but not at the expense of the environment. We are excited to move in a direction where we can include solar panels, electric car charging, outdoor solar lighting and air source heating as well as integrating Green & Blue products for nature. It just makes sense.”

Legacy has big plans and is moving in the right direction one brick, at a time. Working with Green & Blue has shown how easy it can be to make simple and inexpensive changes that make a world of difference. Their homes help people find ways to live in harmony with nature, to protect biodiversity not destroy it.

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